Why you should work on an Internet Product?

Things that will help you make money or help you become an entrepreneur.

  • Focus on internet problems and trends

  • Build solutions that need payment (collecting payment should be from day 1)

  • Grow the community to use your product and be loyal to them

  • Grow your audience and business in parallel.

Focus on payments and customer satisfaction (they should pay and be satisfied - not get it for free and complain)

You will have incentives to make it better for everyone and you will learn about the domain as well.


Why work on internet products only?

you can work on outside problems - but the probability of success and executing from your home is hard.

Given more of the world is going towards the internet and online, creating a product for people on the internet is easy.

Also, don't try to conceptualize some idea - which you think is cool and will enable something. In fact, until you make a complete product and see users for it - don't even think of innovating something. Focus on replicating, focus on getting users for the product. -because you know that exists and people using it - so when you make something similar, people should come to you as well right. -

Acquire those skills of getting people to your product and once you get it, then focus on innovating. Defer innovative ideas unless you have a great network and funding or a huge advantage over others in that particular area/domain, where you will have experienced something yourself and you’d pay for such a product.

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